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    Help desk for support and technical assistance to companies. c/o Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences, University of Turin P.zza Torino n. 3, 12100 Cuneo Phone: 011 6708801; 0171 690461 OPENING HOURS: From 10:00 to 12:30, from Monday to Friday, by appointment

  • Professionisti e Aziende
    Chestnut Business Players

    Gli operatori commerciali in castanicoltura. Dove acquistare le piante? Da chi far potare i castagneti tradizionali? Chi lavora il legno di castagno?

  • Chemical and merceological analysis

    Chemical analysis on composition, secondary metabolites and merceological traits are routinely conducted to characterize from a nutritional and nutraceutical point of view the fresh chestnuts and their derivatives. Analytical protocols and advanced techniques such as spectrophotometry and high-performance liquid chromatography are performed. The main analysis...

  • Entomological analysis

    Identification of symptoms and arthropods (mites and insects) using traditional techniques (visual identification, use of stereoscopic microscope, upbringing of species up to the stage for identification) and/or molecular techniques (DNA extraction, PCR essay using taxon-specific primers, sequencing techniques on DNA regions for diagnostic/recognition purposes and...

  • Phytopathological analysis

    Phytopathological analysis consist of general diagnosis and identification of pathogens by conventional and/or molecular techniques. Surveys on Cryphonectria parasitica population are carried out, through identification of vegetative compatibility groups, and the frequency of hypovirulent strains is investigated.

  • Genetic analysis

    Genetic analysis are performed with molecular markers to identify and characterize local and not-local cultivars.

  • Sensory analysis (and new products)

    Sensory evaluation allows to identify and quantify the organoleptic profile of chestnuts, highlighting the differences linked to the cultivar, the origin, the agricultural practices or the transformation and/or conservation methods applied. Sensory analysis are performed by a panel of selected experts highly trained on fresh...

  • Old chestnut groves recovery, planning of new plantations and forest management

    Restoration of old traditional orchards, through innovative and routine practices such as tree climbing, organic fertilization and coppice grafting. Design of new high-density orchards. Coppice planning and management and innovation in timber sector.