The Chestnut R&D Center Piemonte hosts one of the broadest and most comprehensive chestnut genetic
variability collections, located over an area traditionally devoted to chestnut and close to new intensive chestnut orchards. Established on about 5 ha surface, the arboretum counts the main Castanea species (C. sativa, C. mollissima, C. dentata, C. pumila, C. crenata and their hybrids) and about 150 cultivars ranging from the most part of Italy to the main chestnut areas worldwide.

Visiting the Castanetum, by appointment, is a moment of technical, scientific and cultural sharing with chestnut growers, researchers and stakeholders.
Crossing the Castanetum will be a journey into chestnut biodiversity, passing through Italian cultivars, euro-japanese hybrids, Korean, Chinese and American chestnuts.